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This Game Is A First Shooter Game For The Wii And PSP, And It’s One Of Series The World War II Games, This Is The Second Medal Of Honor Game The First Was Medal Of Honor: Vanguard. The crash of the Titans PPSSPP Game Android And Android Free Download.

You, Will, Take The Role Of Office Of Strategic Services Operative Lieutenant John Berg.

The Game Play Now, Lt. Berg is deployed to Northern France in the midst of the Normandy D-Day amphibious invasion to conduct investigations into the German special programs situated in the area.

The Game Developed By EA Los Angeles (On PSP Version) And EA Canada (On Wii Version), Publisher By Electronic Arts, One Of Series Medal of Honor, Engine By (EAGL), And The Platform Only Support PlayStation Portable And Wii, The Genres: First Person Shooter, The Modes: Single-Player And Multiplayer.

There, he discovers a terrifying weapon that could potentially shift the war in Germany’s favor, and endeavors to thwart Hitler’s plans to produce that weapon.

I Want To Be Frankness This Time, The Version For Wii Is Best To PSP, And Get Too Many Star On Wii But Still One Of The Best Games For War World IIn But This Game Have Total Score 8.4/10 IGN Entertainment And Other…

June 6, 1944, and you hit the boats of John Lee and attacked the Normandy shores and behind enemy lines to the Allies and undermine the Nazis.

You are refusing to enter into battles, you’re tired of group attacks, and you have to survive every moment.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is in the First-Person style.

Download the Medal of Honor Heroes 2 link directly from the American Download site.