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Time Travel saves the world-famous SGA-platform SEGA, introducing Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. Fortnite Battle Royale Ipa Game iOS Free Download.

Previously, there will be sound shocks in the future to save Amy Ross and restore seven stones! Take the time to defeat Dr. Eggman and his demons to create Metal Sonic.

The Sonic CD is part of the classic SEGA Forever series of games and is a free game in the SEGA game console that comes alive on your phone!

Features of the game:

– Collect all seven-time stones to defeat Dr. Eggman and save Amigos
– Temporary travel between past, present and future versions of each level
– Scale each stage with the Sonic and Super Peel Movement
– Clear the game to unlock Miles “Tails” Prower
– Sonic CD now offers soundtracks in the US and Japan!

SEGA FOREVER function:

– Play freely
– Save the course of the game
– LEADERS – Best results in the world
– Controller support: MFI-compatible controller
– Download all

Review overview
“Nothing is easier than collecting and playing.” [92%] – Steve White, Mega Action (December 1993)

“Sonic CD hacks the highest level of video entertainment.” [91%] – Tim Tucker, SEGA Zone # 13 (November 1993)

“Any Sonic fan wants to get it right away.” [90%] – Mark Hill, SEGA Pro # 25 (November 1993)

“The most amazing adventure of Sonic today.” [90%] – Vincent Low, Sonic comics No. 15 (December 11, 1993)

“An excellent gaming platform with a smart game structure.” [89%] – Paul Mellerick, MEGA No. 13 (October 1993)

“The Sonic CD is the best way out of pigs.” [88%] – a power of SEGA No. 48 (November 1993)

“Sonic CD is the best ad for the Mega CD.” [87%] – Andy Martin, Mega Drive Advanced Game # 16 (December 1993)

“Sonic CD is absolutely essential for Mega CD users.” [87%] – Julian Regional, SEGA Journal No. 1 (January 1994)

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