X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download With its own high-definition display, iPad can be used by the X-Plane for iPad to simulate flight with very precise control. Enjoy a real flight with the accelerometer in a variety of ways.


X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free DownloadDescription: The Awesome game that air enthusiasts are sure to know about the game!Plants vs. Zombies Ipa Game iOS Free Download.X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Welcome to the world of gliders, X-15’s, F-22’s, airliners, light planes, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, and much much much more.X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

As well, the huge touch-screen interface for cockpit control and accelerometer-based sensing for flight control allow an interface to the virtual cockpit that is simply amazing.X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Based on this amazing new power and interface, X-Plane for iPad includes new scenery terrain data at a much higher resolution than X-Plane for iPhone, with terrain textures that are FOUR TIMES AS DETAILED as our previous mobile simulations.X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

New instrument panels that are much more detailed than anything we have seen on any other mobile device grace the airplanes and helicopters.
These new instrument panels also have a fun new interface for changing radio frequencies that is uniquely suited to the iPad… you will have to TRY it to see how easy and intuitive it is!

As well, X-Plane for iPad maintains the best consumer-priced flight model of ANY flight simulator for ANY platform, so it REALLY FEELS LIKE FLYING as you soar through virtual terrains.

As well, we have a new interface for selecting airplanes and scenery that is really fun to use… simply swipe your way through images of aircraft and flying regions to choose your flight experience.

Last updated: 05  1396
Version: 9.84
File size: 157.0 MB
Seller: Laminar Research
Compatibility Requires iOS 6.0 or later. compatible with

X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download

X-Plane Ipa Game iOS Free Download We, the programmers of Laminar Research, announce X-Plane, optimized for iPad!