Games iOS Download Ipa In ancient times, God created all things and poured them into them. Reasonable spheres have become people, and evil – evil. Man and the devil did not see each other, and the age of peace came.
The situation has changed over time. We could not find a weapon to fight. People accustomed to a peaceful life, in fear. Noblemen: 1896 Ipa Games iOS Download.

Blacksmith Story - Original Ipa Games iOS Download

The king encouraged the heroes and gently rewarded the blacksmiths who made excellent weapons. The retired hero took the opportunity and bought a blacksmith shop, which was abandoned on the entire property.

This game is a combination of strategy games, RPG, control and inactive games. The player acts as the boss in the blacksmiths shop, which helps the heroes to study, monotone and sell weapons, exploring the heroes and exploring the mines.
Unlike traditional role-playing games, the player does not give a direct command of the battle to the hero. The result of the battle depends on whether the player can supply the hero with the appropriate weapon. All weapons have special effects on certain monsters. An experienced hero with a first-class weapon can be an invincible weapon, but a hero with low strength with the right weapon can also succeed in battle.

Game features:

  • More than 250 types of weapons, 259 heroes, 68 combat skills, unlimited strategy.
  • Fight with 160 monsters and 115 monsters.
  • Special events continue to be fantastic and realistic.
    A relaxed pixel-style game that respects classic design. Both novice and experienced players will be fun.

Blacksmith Story – Original
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Version: 3.4.8
Released: 2018-02-13
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Compatibility: 6.0 or later