Impulse GP - SuperBike Racing Ipa Games iOS Download

Impulse GP – SuperBike Racing Ipa Games iOS Download


Download Games iOS For iPhone Ipa Version The most exciting racing game in the app store! Blacksmith Story – Original Ipa Games iOS Download.

I Get This Games From iTunes
  • With the purchase of the App app. Play once and pay for the whole game –
    Imagine that you are trying to fly as fast as lightning when you ride your plane along a difficult route that challenges a graviton full of rough loops and impossible banks.

Defects and reviews

  • List of the best for 2015 in the Apple App Store.
  • TouchArcade – 4.5 / 5 stars
    “Great speed, great video and some tricky new tricks are separated from the pack.”
  • Macworld – the best games for iPad and iPhone
    “Speed, track design and the feeling that you hang on your nails are very important.”
  • TapSmart – 4.5 / 5.0
    “One of the most exciting racing games I’ve ever seen on iOS for years … an outstanding racer with incredible speed and smooth gameplay.”
  • Pocket Gamer
    “Quickly turn future-oriented riders”
  • Apple’n Apps
    “Players who want to memorize tracks and test their skills, striving for a faster lap, will find a lot of things that will be satisfied at Impulse GP.”
  • App Advice – Adrenaline Rush Games
    “Super soft and fast racing game”

Net race – no ads!

  • The best race among 15 riders in the perfect race
  • Time Trial, Drag Challenge, Race and exceptionally fast Pro Pro Race levels
  • * New * Championship mode – this is the ultimate challenge! Championship for professional racers.

High-quality cycling console

  • Innovative steering provides precise control of analog console joysticks.
  • Supports MFi game controller and 3D touch control
    Smooth fluid flow at 60 frames per second

Ionic Thrust Future Creatures

  • Choose one of nine originally designed bikes powered by advanced ion thrust and electromagnetic technology.
  • an endless combination of custom colors, patterns and color options (metal, polished, frozen, etc.) for cycling and racing shoes

Amazing and difficult trajectory
Explore a series of futuristic tracks filled with insane roller coasters such as corkscrews, hills, switches, jumps, turns, tunnels and turns

World leaders and gaming centers

  • Comparison of the track time of friends and racers and leaders from around the world
  • Get and share your racing achievements.

Star electronic music to make you john

  • Allan Levy, the master of audio, chose a sharp electronic mix to speed up the adrenaline rush in the game.

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Impulse GP – Super Bike Racing
Price: Free
Category: Games
By: EcoTorque Systems Inc.
Version: 3.0
Released: 2018-03-01
Shared: 2018-02-28
Size: 169.77MB
Compatibility: 9.0 or later