Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download On the mysterious island of Keith, Lily will meet some living local people, explore the beautiful environment, solve some problems and even challenge one or two repressive regimes. Lily uses a fun “non-combat” system to fight enemies, combing some personal problems along the way.

Overview:Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Description: The Lili ™ is a masterpiece that’s all made by the robust 3 Unreal Engine engine and, as mentioned, it was featured at the recent Apple conference.Draw a Stickman EPIC 2 Apk Game Android Free Download.Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

* Important * iPod Touch (4th generation) is not supportedLili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Lily – a mixture of strange adventurous cosplay with stunning visual effects, silky smooth graphics and the plot line of the film. Lili is an improvement on new devices and one of the most impressive games on iOS.Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Allowed are:

TouchArcade – 4.5 stars!
Sliding game – 4/4 stars!
APP SPY – 5/5 stars!
TouchGen – 5/5 stars!Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

TouchArcade – the top ten most anticipated games for application users

Kotaku – “Use Lily to break your iPhone 5, the most enjoyable game on iTunes” – “Lily becomes one of the main games for the iPhone 5”

VentureBeat – “The game looks beautiful, 3D graphics and cool environment”


It combines an attractive cinematic storyline and stunning visual effects with superb graphics that also support the Retina display, attracting diverse audiences who have apparently succeeded in doing it.

Your task in this game is to explore the island The mysterious Geos is, of course, faced with funny scenes and numerous colorful environments D and must also deal with an oppressive enemy.

Last updated: 05 1396
Version: 1.3
File size: 797.8 MB
Seller: BitMonster, Inc.
Score: 4
Applicable age: 12+
Compatibility Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Lili™ Ipa Game iOS Free Download As you can see on the stage in APPLE KEYNOTE EVENT